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1) Can I register online & upload my photo on www.veershaivlingayat.com?

Answer: Yes, You can register online. Use preferbly Internet Explorer Browser.You have to upload photo in .jpg form and file size  should be less than 150kb. You also need to send the your biodata & .jpg file to our email id veershaiv@gmail.com with two references to authenticate. To get maxmium response pl. become a paid member. Also do not forget to send your biodata along with post card size photo & patrika to our office address.

Veershaiv Vivah Mandal (Zirpe) Krishna Chambers, Basement Shop No. 5,Pune-Satara Road,Karne Hospital Building, Opp.  Laxminarayan Theater,  SWARGATE, Pune Maharashtra, India 411037
2) How do I register?

Answer: You can register online. OR You can send your biodata & photo in .jpg format to our email id- veershaiv@gmail.com OR You can send hard copy of the same to our office address by courier/post. OR You can visit personally to our office also.

3) What are the types of memberships & what are the charges?

Answer: We have two types of memberships.

 a) A Premium Member:Premium membership Rs. 5000/- and after successful marriage from our side rest Rs. 6000/- i.e total. Rs. 11000/-. We will give you personal co-ordination and occasional presence of us for meetings. We will take care for your candidate. We will provide you necessary guidance to you even on our holiday (Monday).

 b) A Joint  Member: Online & Offline member. He/She have to pay only Rs. 2050 (Rs. 300/- Credit will be given for Online Profile contacts information)/-  Will be member of our "Veershaiv Veevah Mandal" and Website membership for one  year. You can send requests and see responses received.

4) How do I pay?

Answer: You can pay by online banking by transferring the amount to our ICICI Bank Saving a/c. no. 003901211800,Shivajinagar Branch (Pune),  OR   SBI Saving  A/c no. 31598129115 IFS Code SBIN0005413 by the name of Mr. Ramling Keshav Zirpe. 


You can deposit cash  by the name Ramling Keshav Zirpe to any branch of   Bank Of Maharashtra, Dhankwadi Branch, A/c no. 20104742549,  OR   any branch of   HDFC Bank, Arneshwar Branch,A/c no. 04371160001069,  OR any branch of   Central Bank Of India, Swargate Branch,A/c no. 3338551919 ,  OR any branch of SBI Saving  A/c no. 31598129115

 OR     You can send money order(M.O.) to our office address

 OR      You can send Demand Draft payable at Pune, Maharashtra by the name of

" Mr. Ramling. K. Zirpe"

5) How to search Profile?

Answer:  After registration you will get SMS /email for your account is active. Just login and After successful login you can search for the profile. Just type  Profile Id  you want to search and click "Go". Also at first screen you have option of searching from profile id to Profile id. You can also search by name also. e.g. Sachin or Sonali or Patil or Doijad

 OR    You can also click on search command and select male/female and press search.

You will see the profiles of all the candidates.  Press DETAILS to see details about the candidates. You can also view photo. (if it is loaded.) By clicking photo URL. To send a request just press "SEND REQUEST". There you can type the message for that candidate.e.g. My phone number is 020-24260062 /email is veershaiv@gmail.com. Pl. contact if you like my profile.

6) How to get Help?

Answer:You email your query to 'veershaiv@gmail.com' or you can call to help line number

020-24263879 / 24260062.

7) How to find by Name?e.g Sachin.

Answer: In the welcome screen you can type 'Sachin' in Search by Name option. You will get list of all the candidates whose name is  'Sachin'. 

8) How to find by Web Reg. No.?

Answer: In the welcome screen you can type webreg no. in Search by No. option. You will get  profile of that particular candidate.

9) How to search New Profiles?

Answer: After login you can select option Search Profile ID From          To  you can type e.g. 200 to 300 or 3500 to 3600 etc. This option will help you in two ways. 

1) you can use this option as bookmark.  i.e. In a single sitting you can finish 200 records & in next sitting next 200 likewise.

2) To see latest added records by searching last few records.

10) How to search by Degree?

Answer: After login you can select option Search.  you can type the degree you want to search e.g  B.E., MBA, M.Com etc.& click on search button.  Always search twice e.g  by B.E. & BE  or M.B.A. or MBA also. Here you do not need to always specify CAST, SUBCAST, OCCUPATION etc.

11) How to search by Occupation?

Answer: After login you can select option Search. You can select Occupation in dropdown  e.g  Teacher etc.& click on search button.  Here also you do not need to always specify CAST, SUBCAST, EDUCATION, DEGREE  etc.